About Me

Welcome Everybody <3

My Name is Erika Lanz, I'm 20 and I study Medicine and Surgery in Catania. Sicily, Italy.
I Decided to create this blog in order to share my Passions and I hope they may inspire you :)
I Love Fashion, Nature, Animals (Especially my beautiful dog Shoony ).

I Try to live an Healthy Life and I will share with pleasure all my little tips for staying fit :)
I've got a Facebook Page too, called Moda: The Wishing Well , which is most about fashion. This blog is similar to that page, but it's more personal.
My Role Model is Miranda Kerr, she inspires me to live peaceful and joyful and to appreciate life.
I Speak Italian, English and French, so feel free to leave a comment in every language you want :) 
Hope that my posts will be to your liking :)
Have a Nice Day Kisses to all of You!

                                                                                                                                              xxx Erika L.

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